Selected Publications by Katy Rank Lev

The Business School of the Future [Tepper Magazine, Fall 2018]
Culture Shock
[PittMed, Fall 2018]
Opening Doors and Reducing Barriers
[Remake Learning, November 2017]
What's It Take to Retool Your School?
[Remake Learning, October 2017]
Supporting Young Learners to Notice, Wonder, & Persist
[Case Study for The Sprout Fund]
Building Digital Skills with Mobile Mentors [Case Study for The Sprout Fund
Making 'Burghers: How PGH Innovates for Pregnant Women and Babies [Pop City, June 2014]
Law and Order (pdf) [Bust, Aug 2013]
On What's Broken in Prenatal Medicine (pdf) [Pitt Med, Summer 2013]
New Mom Promises That Are Fine to Break [American Baby, Apr 2012]
7 Discipline Mistakes All Moms Make [Parents, July 2011]
Peace, Love, and Sandiwches [Relish, Feb 2011]
The Lost Highway (pdf) [My Midwest Magazine, Sept 2009]
Hydrating Phoenix [The Mother Nature Network, August 2009]
Meet Dr. Splatt [The Mother Nature Network, June 2009]

Q&A discussing funding for graduate school [Hot Metal Bridge, Aug 2007]

Excerpted blog posts on walking meditation and beginning again [, Feb 2011]
28-day Meditation Challenge with Sharon Salzberg [Real Happiness, Feb 2011] 

Additional clips available upon request.