Do you have your act together? Do you and your partner have a will, power of attorney, living will? Life insurance? We didn't, either. For a few years, I felt overwhelmed by the morbid thought of naming a guardian for my children. 

Then, I was deterred by the fees to have this paperwork taken care of by a lawyer--around $800, depending on the complexity of your estate. 

Then, when I learned there were DIY options available, I was overwhelmed by the logistics of getting myself, my husband, and witnesses to a notary's office during business hours and also finding someone to take care of my kids. Too much!

I learned about Seattle mom Chanel Reynolds, who lost her young husband to a tragic accident in 2009. They didn't have their act together, either, and she spent months dealing with probate court, paperwork, insurance companies, and hassel while she grieved for her husband. Reynolds put together a website to help families get started getting their affairs in order, and we dove through her checklists and templates, learning all we could. 

But there were still the logistical issues...what would we do about our kids and our witnesses and timing during the work week?

Enter: mobile notaries and the Get Your Act Together signing events

Last winter, I started hiring mobile notaries to come to pre-planned signing events (either at people's homes or a rented space like the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library). Couples come with prepared documents in hand, kids in tow, and serve as one another's witnesses while everything gets stamped and notarized.

Would you like to get your act together, too? Let's talk. 

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GYAT Signing Events
What's included? Attendees bring their own prepared paperwork (I like Suze Orman and Rocket Lawyer) and can each get three stamps from the mobile notary--this should be enough for a Last Will and Power of Attorney. The state of PA does not require notarization for a Living Will.

Are you a lawyer? Can I get legal advice at the event? No. I am just a young person who got her act together on paper and feels inspired to help others do the same. At this time, we do not have legal counsel available--just a notary to stamp your documents. 

What does it cost to attend? Signing events cost about $32 per person. This fee covers space rental, mobile notary travel fee, 3 stamps, and other costs associated with organizing the event. 


April 28 at the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library

May 19 at Shining Light Prenatal Education