Toys These Days…

I mentioned to Corey’s parents that I was excited about the new Disney movie Wreck It Ralph because it had a character named Felix, and because they are grandparents, they got us a Disney gift card to buy the boys some stuff.

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I ordered a Fix-It Felix doll for my Felix, which he loves.

He already loves bashing the doll against the floor.

And then for Miles, I ordered a Partysaurus Rex, which is really the T-rex from Toy Story. Miles had been *so* into the animated short flick Partysaurus Rex that it really saddened our lives when Disney made it unavailable to view online anymore. So he was pretty snazzed to see this dino arrive in the mail.

I was a bit befuddled to see it packaged with what I can only logically describe as a turd. Look closely at this photo. What does the brown bit look like to you?

Partysaurus…and a pile of???

We’ve been calling it Partysaurus’s poop. I learned, when I scrounged up the shreds of packaging he scattered in his excited opening of the package, that it’s the leg of some other critter. Evidently, if you buy enough Toy Story dolls, you can acquire all the body parts for this critter, whose leg looks so much like a log of dung.

What I find most amusing about the whole thing is how Miles took it in stride that his toy would come with plastic poop. I mean, we talk about poop all the time at home. He’s working on using the potty. We’ve already incorporated the poop into our play.

“Where will Partysaurus put his poop? Does he use a Pull-up, Miles?”

“No. He poops in the dirty, silly!”

When I showed Miles the two photo options, he asked me to put them both on the website. Boy, dino, dung.

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