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Speaking at a Conference this Spring!

I was invited to speak at the Western PA La Leche League conference this spring, which is very exciting. I’ll be on a panel discussing social media in breastfeeding support. It’s sort of ironic to discuss this on my oft-neglected blog…but less ironic when I consider that I neglect this blog because I am paid to write the blog posts I do about breastfeeding support!

I’m pretty passionate about this topic, as you’d know if you’ve ever met me for one minute (virtually or in real life). I’m excited to discuss it among other people whose work is to support nursing mothers. I have so many thoughts and feelings about online nursing support.

It’s an exciting opportunity for me to stretch my thinking–I won’t just be talking about writing. I’ll be talking about the ways in which a specific type of writing can be most effective for a very particular audience. I’ll have an opportunity between now and mid-March to think carefully about the audience and purpose and ways to translate all of this information into ways that can be useful for both La Leche League chapter leaders and folks who work as lactation consultants or childbirth educators.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue the actual work of using social media for breastfeeding support. I’m doing so many cool things on the Mommy News & Views blog: a series interviewing men who support breastfeeding in the greater Pittsburgh area, product reviews about fascinating things like the Windi and the Nose Frida, an investigation into lesser-quality “insurance pumps” and how these might potentially be compromising women’s breastfeeding success. So much going on!

It’s wonderful to write about something that inspires me so and even better to get to talk about this work to a crowd of like-minded folks. I’ll be happily enjoying my work while the weather around me continues to dip (far, far) below freezing.


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