Making a Difference: Start Small

I’ve been disheartened since Election Day 2016. Disheartened is an understatement. I’ve felt powerless, angry, and fearful. But I’ve done what I can to take small actions and help myself feel better, more in control of the laws and policies of the world around me.

A dear friend in New Jersey had a similar reaction to our newly-elected government, and she decided to take it a step further. She told me she was going to run for a council seat in her borough. In the grand scheme of things, a council seat in a town borough doesn’t seem to matter much, right? It’s “just” town council, right?

My friend decided that it did matter, and she asked me to help her with her campaign. She lived in an overwhelmingly democratic community, yet the town council was entirely composed of republicans. Further, the entire council was male. They referred to themselves as “the town fathers.”

My friend saw a way to make a difference and decided to work toward that change. I worked with her to set up her social media accounts and initial candidate statements, to set up her talking points with the press. I’m proud of the work she did and the ways she made meaningful connections with her neighbors.

Jess talked about how she knew the borough needed to pay attention to its roads because she turned her ankle jogging in a pothole. She knew the street lights needed attention because she walks to the commuter train every morning before it’s light out. She formed a team of change-makers and they knocked on doors, talked to people in parks, had conversations during soccer games.

And she won!

She won’t be shaping tax reform or legislating immigration policy, but she can make changes like putting council meeting agendas online for citizens to see. She can make redevelopment documents public so residents can see how their tax dollars are being spent. Small change matters and small elections lead to change people can see and feel in their everyday lives.

I’m proud of Jessica Dunne and I’m proud to have played a small part in her campaign!


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