Long Hair, Do Care

I’ve had short hair since high school, apart from an 8-month period where I had a contagious fungus and couldn’t visit a hairdresser. The only drawback to short hair is that you have to get it cut pretty frequently or else it just looks crappy. And this is a problem for me because I’ve got 3 kids, a partner who works a lot of hours, and I’ve got no real ability to visit a salon where I have to make and keep an appointment.

We’ve got this fabulous friend who is a stylist, and she will make a house call if there are enough heads to cut. Luckily, Team Lev has 5 heads to cut and we’ve had her over here a few times for back yard beauty parlor.

But, things just aren’t working out for me lately with timing. Corey has a huge event coming up this weekend at work, I never quite know when he will be home, and dang if I don’t also really need to get my brows waxed. (Our friend isn’t currently equipped to wax my face in the back yard)

Last night, I thought I was going to be able to slip away and go to Supercuts.

You know Supercuts? Where you walk in for a medium-ok haircut/wax job and that’s ok because it’s inexpensive and you didn’t have to make an appointment? Well. I spent so much time circling the block looking for parking that by the time I got inside, there were so many people in front of me, I wouldn’t have been able to get my hair cut before they closed.

I could have cried. I maybe did a little bit. And then I went to Target for ponytail holders so I can stick my overgrown hair into whale spouts until I can work it out to get my friend over to my house with her clippers.

I also bought a wee self waxing kit to try to do my own eyebrows. I messaged my stylist friend a few times, and she emphasized that she was very concerned about my choices. Thankfully, the waxing pen thing was a total dud and not one hair came out of my face. This is certainly preferable to me pulling out the entire blonde, Frieda Kahlo situation I’ve got going on.

The good news is that I can probably see my friend soon, which means limited days of whale spouts. The better news is that she’s buying a real home waxing machine (is it a machine?) so most likely, I can haul everyone to her house for the whole salon treatment and just let my kids tear apart her train table. I think all 5 of us will just get a buzz cut.

Evidence that whale spouts have been my go-to solution for many years now, regardless of who has overgrown hair.

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