Kraut Update

I get so excited to go in the basement and press down on the weights in my kraut crock! According to fermenting lore, I’m supposed to visit the contraption twice a day to press down on the weights. I’ve been going down every few minutes to press and smell and make sure the brine is properly covering the vegetables, just in case botulism gets in there or something.

I was incredibly worried (I know! Big shock!) that the brine wouldn’t develop or that I had done something wrong, but my friend and the internet assured me I just needed to give my kraut a few hours. Sure enough, an orange liquid gradually began to rise until now, the whole mass of vegetables is firmly packed and under liquid. All there is to do now is wait for foam to develop, skim it off, and decide how soon I want to dip into my fermented delights.

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You can see the baby bathtub in the photograph, with an entire 4-pound head of cabbage plus two carrots packed into the bottom portion. I found a smaller ceramic plate to use as a weight and topped that with two glass jars of water. Then, I’ve been putting some of our weight plates on top of that–the whole thing is under about 25# of weight at all times. The juice just sort of rises above the weights and I cover the whole thing with a towel to keep out stink bugs. Voila! (Or so I hope…)

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3 Responses to “Kraut Update”

  1. Jane Says:

    The baby tub makes this look so funny. I remember seeing Miles squished into there!

  2. ninny Says:

    i hope you can use this again for a baby after the krauting!!$$

  3. Ellen Says:

    I think this is a MUCH better use of that baby bathtub!

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